Eva's Youth Homelessness Initiative

Founded in 1989, Eva’s works to address and prevent youth homelessness through providing shelter services, innovative youth programs, and transitional housing for youth aged 16-24. The team at Eva’s works to address the root causes of homelessness, while helping at-risk youth reach their potential.

Eva’s Initiative for Homeless Youth is considered one of the top 10 Canadian Impact Charities, and for good reason; they assist hundreds of at-risk youth in graduating high school, finding full-time employment, and reconnecting with their families. In addition, Eva’s Initiatives host some of the most innovative youth programs in Canada, providing training sessions on living independently, financial literacy, and healthy living. Eva’s Print Shop offers a 7-week introductory graphic arts program, helping graduates earn roles in the graphic arts industry.

Eva’s Initiative consistently demonstrates high impact per dollar spent. Their mission is for all youth to have a place to sleep, by providing the city’s youth the appropriate skills and tools to provide for themselves. You can read more on Eva’s extensive youth programs and their impact by the numbers here.

For the week of June 3rd, Condo Baby will be running a Blueberry Barbecue sandwich special, and all revenue generated by this sandwich will be donated to Eva's. You can also donate to the charity directly below.

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